Welcome to Photraits!!

Photraits-Terms and conditions:

Photraits is an online photographer database which you help you in assisting to choose the right photographer for any event. We don’t operate with photographers of our own. We have tied-up with the photographer vendors so as to give you ample choices for the event.

Photraits responsibilities include:

- We assist you in providing the photographer choices for the event.

- We provide the customer support and information you request from the photographer.

- We are a medium of communication between the photographer and the user until confirmation of the order.

- A final copy of the user requirements would be sent to the photographer and user after order confirmation through us.

Photraits responsibilities do NOT include:

For users:

- The Photographer's not reaching on time during the event due to uncertainty.

- The Photographer's not meeting the quality of the promised one or delay in photos/video/album delivery.

- The Photographer's order cancellation and extra charges.

- The Photographer -user miscommunication and behaviour.

- In-case of the user cancelling the order after the advance payment due to various reasons, it totally depends on photographer to take a decision.

For Photographers:

- The user delay in payment for advance or final settlement.

- The user asks for extra-cover during the event.

- The Photographer-user miscommunication and behaviour.

- In-case of user confirming the order but doesn't pay the advance to block the dates.